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please dont use women's public bathrooms, as a woman it makes me very uncomfortable to have someone with a dick using a place where im very vulnerable and if i saw you in a public bathroom id 100% be able to tell that you're not a woman.





Do you have x-ray visions that you look to peep into stalls and check the genitalia of strangers or do you just confront every non-cis looking person, ugly person and/or masculine looking person and accuse them of having a penis and therefore not being women?

Are you fine with trans *men* using the *women’s* restroom because some of them don’t have penis?

What about the trans women who don’t have penis? They can have a go?

Also you’re wrong I am 100% a woman. Policing me for certain traits as not counting as womanly will blow-back on cis women, like that cis lesbian who was not allowed to use the woman’s restroom.

I dunno bout you but the idea that there are cis women out there obsessed with checking other women’s crotches if they don’t fit into heteronormative standards of femininity makes ME very uncomfortable. 

In my 20 + years of life I have yet to see a single news story about a cis woman being attacked by a trans woman in a womens room

You know what I have seen though?

I’ve seen plenty of stories about US getting attacked by bigots when we use a womens room

I’ve seen news stories about us being dragged out and beaten in public by bigots while people stood around and did jack shit to help

So yeah

I really couldn’t give a fuck about what paranoid bigots think or feel about trans women using womens bathrooms

WE’RE the ones in danger when we use them, not cis women

^ realest of the real talk right there

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